CCA Straight Utility Blades Heavy Duty x 100

$8.84 exc. VAT

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  • ✅ Packed and oiled in 5’s
  • ✅ Made in Sheffield, England
  • ✅ 2 Notch double sided
  • ✅ Fits all standard utility knives
  • ✅ Packs of 100
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These utility blades are made from sheffield steel to the highest quality. They are double sided and can be easily flipped over for a new blade installation. This is the most popular blade.  The heavy duty straight has two knotches and fits all the standard utility knives in the trade. Wrapped in 5’s into boxes of 100. Fits the Delphin knife, Stanley knife, shark knife and all standard utility knives.

Weight 0.375 kg

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