CCA Adhesive notched trowel complete with A2 blade amtico & karndean

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  • ✅ Tempered steel trowel blade, and a well made re-usable comfortable handle.
  • ✅ The A2 trowel is to be used on the edges to spread the glue around quite easily.
  • ✅ The A2 size notch is used for pressure sensitive adhesive. Leaving the correct amount adhesive beads.
  • ✅ Really well priced trowel. Great value, with a re-usable handle and a throw away trowel blade.
  • ✅ Floor layers and DIY. Professional trade mainly on hard flooring. LVT, Vinyl, Karndean and Amtico

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Traditional tempered steel trowel, notched to four sides. With a hard wooden handle. This is the correct size for notch spreading pressure sensitive adhesive.

Notch 1.0mm deep x 3mm centres.

Weight 0.40 kg

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